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Float is good... or?

Float and cleat angle. A few considerations:

• Float is good. If your cleat angle is not ideal. • Float is good. If you have a hip restriction and your foot is moving on the pedal. • Float is good. If you often move around on the bike.

So actually… Float is no good! It only hides the real problems we have.

Good to keep in mind:

• You can’t/shouldn’t force an angle to the foot (e.g. to keep your foot from brushing the crank arm) • The angle of the cleat should be confirmed when loading the pedals. Stop your foot at the 3 o’clock position. There should be equal amount of float for your heals to move each side. • Your foot moving around its float when pedalling suggests you are unstable on the bike. It is critical to chase the source for this in order to prevent future injury. • Moving around on the saddle is not a choice but result of poor position.



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