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A summary of Bike Fitting at the Velodynamics Studio (Part II.)

• Foundation for a good bike fit is how stable your feet are on the pedals. Cleat positioning follows your riding style. Further foot correction may be necessary to ensure pelvic stability on the saddle. • Bike fitting service includes pedalling analysis. The Aerodynamic Profiling service puts you in your most aerodynamically efficient position. That is; least air drag within your zone of comfort for the intended riding power and duration. • You will receive a fitting report that will include photos of your before / after position, details of your bike settings and an explanation for the changes that has been made. • SMP saddles are favoured by bike fitters all over the world for the large selection of saddles that address the individual differences of the human pelvic anatomy. We carry the full range. Testing the saddles on the position simulator is free (bring your own saddles as well). You can rent a saddle before committing to one.


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