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“Balancing on a bike,” suggests the using of motor skills needed to control a bicycle in motion. Handling characteristics of the bike or capabilities of the cyclist spring to mind. It is the first and essential skill to master to be able to ride a bike.

Your input to the handlebars, pedals and shifting of body weight will keep you from toppling to one side. Let’s simplify this and call it the left / right balance. Lose it and you will fall to your left or right.

But balance does not exist on one single plane. You are placed between two wheels. The question is, where exactly? Get too far forward and your arms will be aching; too far backwards and your quads won’t be firing. Lets simplify this too and call it the fore / aft balance. Lose it and your efficiency will drop.

And then there is symmetry, the ultimate balance. You can’t lose it; none of us have it! The bicycle, though, has contact points that are perfectly symmetric. Riding it will cause a constant over / under reaching of certain muscle groups. Ignore it and you will – eventually – get injured.

We learn to ride, become efficient and stay healthy. That is balancing on a bike!



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