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A summary of Bike Fitting at the Velodynamics Studio (Part I.)

• An interview is essential to understand the cyclist’s background. The research for any underlying reason for the discomfort, injury or the inability to perform to expectation, starts with a good cup of coffee. • The initial position of the cyclist is evaluated and documented. The bike is measured and replicated on the fitting bike - the jig - as a starting point. The cyclist will later - usually followed by a smile - have the chance to compare the old position on his/her bike versus the new position on the jig. • (Far right) Cyclist is measured for proportions and assessed for functionality. • The crucial point of dynamic fitting is to work towards the correct individual(!) position – and not the average numbers – for each cyclist. It will be a workout! The cyclist will get to understand the implications of any positional changes made to the contact points on the bike. Once the optimal position is reached on the jig, the settings are recorded and transferred to the bike.



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