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Do you need a bike fit? A check-list.

Your legs feel like jelly after a hard ride? Your bike fit is probably good! Your muscles are tight and you experience discomfort? Then there is a problem.

Follow this checklist after a hard ride to see if you need a bike fit.

Getting off the bike:

• It takes time to straighten up. Lower back or neck needs to settle in.

• To loosen your shoes you always reach down from the same side because hamstrings are tight on the other side.

The running test (for triathletes):

• Your calves or Achilles tendon are already tight.

• Your quads cramp easily or they feel prematurely tired.

Climbing the stairs (for reasonable cyclist already at home):

• Feels hard on the quadriceps or hamstrings are about to cramp.

• You feel a “clicking” sound or tightness around your knees once you have cooled down.

Getting on the bike again soon after:

• You feel pressure on a certain part on the saddle.

• Your arms are actually feeling tired.

These are some early warning signs that your position on the bike is sub-optimal. You are not performing to your potential and/or risk getting injured.



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