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Changing your saddle without changing your position

Changing your saddle? Here are some tips to make sure you position the new one exactly like your old one.

You have checked your position on the bike and confirmed it is not the reason for your saddle-sore; you have chosen the new saddle by trying and not just measuring; the rails are compatible to your seat-post. Then you are ready to go!

1. Mark the mid point of your old saddle on the bike where it is exactly 80mm wide. 2. Measure the height to this point from the bottom bracket and take note. Rail heights vary a lot and can change your saddle position significantly. 3. Measure the distance from the point on your saddle to the handlebar. This is to ensure you position the new saddle at the same set back as well as the right height. Otherwise you may end up with the correct height completely but different reach. Now you can take your saddle off. 4. Mark the new saddle at the same point (where it is 80mm wide). 5. Take the padding into account. Your old saddle may have more padding and be squeezed by several mm when you sit on it. You may need to lower the new saddle if it is harder then your old one (or vice versa). 6. Mount the new saddle; lower or raise the seat post and move the saddle fore or aft to find the height and reach you noted. 7. Adjust the angle to comfort while riding on the hoods and drops. Saddle height can be affected and may need to be re-adjusted.



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