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The only pain you will face on a bicycle, should be that which is imposed by the terrain. Any discomfort caused by your bike, will evolve and become an injury or prevent you from performing at your best.

“Human on a bicycle ranks first in efficiency among travelling animals and machines.”  Scientific American, 1973

But how efficient are you on your bicycle? The mismatch between this symmetrical instrument and the not-so-perfect human body is revealed by discomfort that no amount of padding on your saddle or gloves will resolve. Neither does the cost of your shoes and pedals make much difference.

That is why we consider a bike fit as the essential upgrade for a cyclist. Once your feet are stable on the pedals; legs are neither over nor under extended; hips placed squarely on the saddle; and your upper body is supported – not carried – by your arms, will you become one with your bike and achieve full efficiency. 

It is true that it never gets easy

but with no pain you just go faster!

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