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The perfect saddle is not the one you have learned to live with but the one that has never required your attention.


Few are lucky enough to sit on the right saddle on their first try; many have tried several but rarely had the opportunity to compare them all or spent significant time on them. Choices are usually based on the weight, aesthetics, recommendations of others and, of course, price.


Most brands offer apps and online guidelines to help you through their selection with definitions like “wider sit bone? Wider saddle”; “not flexible? Waved saddle”; “Triathlete? A stud nosed saddle”. Following these “rules of thumb” is as good as choosing a saddle for its weight or price! The result is usually a saddle that needs to be dealt with.


That is why we have set up the Saddle Test Centre. You will only find the right saddle by trying –and trying them in your own cycling setting. We want the saddle to disappear from your cycling experience!

Good to know:

  • We carry a full range of Selle SMPs in our test facility. We appreciate the brand’s prioritizing of human anatomy in their design.

  • You are welcome to bring your own or other test saddles to compare.

  • To test the saddles on our position simulator you need to book a session. Session is free.

  • Renting a test saddle is €20 for two weeks.

  • You can change as many saddles as you wish during the rental period.

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