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The perfect fit is not an equation but an understanding of the cyclist’s functionality, limitations and targets.

Dynamic Bike Fitting

For road, triathlon / TT and mountain bikers.

Finding the perfect fit is a challenge that no generic formula is going to solve. It requires an approach that allows for individualised optimisation. Our dynamic fitting session is designed to do exactly this. We go through your position from top till toe, literally!


Grand tour stage winners, Ironmans at the top of their game, mountain bikers, bike packers, weekend warriors, all benefit from our individualised approach.  


The session is conducted on our Position Simulator and Pedalling Analyser. The resulting settings are applied to your bike. Book >


The Shoes and Cleats Fitting


A service intended for cyclists that are new to clipless pedals or unsure about the positioning of their cleats. Experienced riders with foot / knee problems are advised to take a Dynamic Bike Fitting Session as the problem cannot be tackled without looking into body positioning. Book >


Transfer Settings to a New Bike

You may be happy with the settings on your current bike and want them accurately transferred to a new/different bike. This service is for you. Book >


Good to know

  • Be prepared for up to 3 hours for a Dynamic Fitting Session and 1.5 hours for Aerodynamic Profiling. 

  • The sessions are conducted in English. If Estonian is preferred please contact in advance.

  • You need your bike, cycling kit and shoes.

  • You will be riding at your usual effort level. Come in fresh and be prepared to sweat.

  • We do have a full range of stems and SMP saddles. But please bring any stems, clip-on bar accessories, saddles etc. that you may have.

  • Your bike will be adjusted to your final position. If the position requires additional components or is limited due to integrated handlebars etc. then we will do our best to advice on components needed. Bike will be set-up afterwards.  

  • You will receive a report on your new settings and body position.

  • You are covered for a follow-up fitting within the next six months that may be required due to your change in form, recovery from an injury, or simply, a change in target.

  • We expect your bike to be in good working order and that all screws and bolts are free of any wear. Otherwise we may not be able to adjust your bike and do not assume any responsibility for damaged parts.

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